Traveling Abroad: Ho Chi Minh City Recap

Xin chào!  

We have just returned from another amazing trip abroad, this time to the vibrant metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City and the beautiful architecture of Huế, Vietnam! We had an incredible and enriching time playing at music and dance schools, a school for the blind, an intentional living community, a club the size of a small stadium, two festival stages (complete with dizzying graphics projected onto a screen behind us), a palace patio, a tv station, and at the American Consulate in HCMC. We collaborated with local musicians (and learned this really pretty Vietnamese folk song, "Hoa Thơm Bướm Lượn") tried SO many new kinds of food, haggled in the markets, hopped on the back of scooters, and found a new definition for jaywalking – talk about having blind faith... you just gotta start walking into traffic and whatever you do, don't step backwards.

We are so lucky to have had this opportunity, and we are deeply grateful to Arts Envoy and the U.S. State Department for making the trip possible. But we haven't forgotten about you, America! We are so excited to be hitting the road for a slew of festivals and club dates. We'll be bopping around all over the place. See you out there!

The Dellas

Michelle Conceison