Q. If everyone in Della Mae is from a different state how did you all "get together"?

A: Kimber Ludiker (Fiddle) had the idea of starting this band over three years ago in Boston, MA. It started out as a joke under the name Big Spike Hammer. The idea was to dress in power suits and play "Mangrass".....whatever that means! After a few fun shows Kimber decided the band had potential. The name changed to a more feminine Della Mae, and she began to assemble women from all over the country. Only three years later Della Mae has come into its own with a release on Rounder Records and tours worldwide. Della Mae represents 5 states (WA, WY, CO, VT, SC), and many different musical influences!

Q: Why Boston of all places?

A: There is an incredible community of musicians in Boston, not to mention several fine schools. The Boston scene is supportive, and burgeoning with inspirational songwriting, and musicianship. While two ladies still live and work out of Boston, we are proud to call Nashville home for the remaining three members of Della Mae.

Q. Where does the name "Della Mae" come from?

A: The name Della Mae comes from the Osbourne Brothers song Big Spike Hammer
"Hey hey Della Mae, why do you treat me this way?"

Q: How can I buy your self released album "I Built This Heart"?

A: You can buy our first album
HERE at Band Camp. Thanks for your support!

Q. Do you have Lyrics to the songs available?

A: Lyrics to original songs off of "I Built This Heart" can be found here 
HERE. Lyrics to original songs off of "This World Oft Can Be" can be found HERE

Q: Will you come speak and play in my school, kids program, soup kitchen or shelter?

A: Yes! We love doing outreach projects all along our touring route. Please contact Della Mae Management at management@dellamae.com if you have ideas! We are currently speaking out for a program called Lettuce Bee Kids, which provides a safe space for Afghan and Pakistani children living on the streets and picking trash for less than a dollar a day. Learn about the program
HERE! If you would like to donate please do so below.

Q. Why no Banjo?

A: We do have a Banjo!

Q. How old are you?

A: We're all in our late eighties.


Please check out our partner organization Lettuce Bee Kids
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